Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gmarket Haul #8

 Christmas is around the corner! My favourite season of the year =D Its a time of pretty lightings , colourful christmas trees and gorgeously wrapped presents! And of course the fun of shopping during this lovely period...
 Bought 3 blouses from the same store! Needed more tops for work.. They were pretty translucent hence the need for a cami/tank/spag to wear inside. Overall quality was average - the chiffon wasnt the smooth silky kind but more of the rough type. But the cut suited me!

My absolute favourite buy of the entire haul! It was also my most expensive buy! This gorgeous wrap skirt... Adore it to bits! Loved the pleating and the way it cut opens when you walk! hahah the material is superb too!

Caught sight of these cute little money purses and decided to buy a few to give as presents! Couldnt resist the butterfly ornament and vibrant colours! They are super handy to keep red packets (for upcoming chinese new year!), store dollar notes & passport for travel purposes!

These pouches are so cute! They come in 3 sizes and various colours! 
Decided to use them as gift bags =D

Dont you simply love the ribbon?! Bought these 2 matching colour items (pencil case and namecard holder)  because of the cute gold ribbon embellishment! The quality of these products were good I must say! Very well manufactured =)

Have been wanting to try Amore's Ryo shampoo for some time! And finally got down to buying it! The package contains a full size bottle and a medium size refill. The shampoo is this grey substance and has a very herbal smell. Need some getting use to. Hope after using it, my hair would be just as luscious as the model's on the packaging! wahah!
 Thats all for Haul #8! Happy Holidays everyone...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gmarket Haul #7

A smaller haul this time round as I was pretty much broke after my grad trip to Europe! Got a few things to satisfy my gmarket urges! hahah

Decided to try out ENAS manicure set. Previously, I tried out Konad and it was extremely difficult getting the stamp art onto the nail. Somehow I had a hard time transferring the paint from the metal plate to the rubber stamp and onto the nail. I am hoping this rubber stamp method would have greater success! Cant wait to try it out :)

 Caught sight of this great face mask deal and decided to give it a shot! For a set of 50, I spend around 12,000 won. This could last me for some time! I have tried out each flavour and my favourite is the Aloe vera! Its really calms my skin! My least favourite of all was the Red Ginseng. The smell of the Red Ginseng was so over powering that I had difficulty breathing throughout the entire process... I would advise against getting this flavour if you are not keen on pungent smells!

I convinced myself that I needed these bags for work, just to make myself feel better! My room is practically flooding with bags.. Its time I stop! Anyway, I realized I have the the tendency of getting brown bags. I wonder why... I am currently using the dark brown one (enlarged picture) for work. It seems small but it can sure store all my junk! The best part is it can be carried as a sling or a shoulder bag! Awesome awesome awesome!

Bought myself a portable battery operated sewing machine.. This would come in super handy when I need to mend certain minor wardrobe malfunctions and alterations. For starters, I need to figure out how to use it hahah...

Have been searching for a knee length denim skirt for quite some time and was ecstatic to find a seller that sells them! They were slightly pricey but still cheaper than what I can find in singapore so no complains :)


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gmarket Haul #6

I am now an official graduate! In just a short month away, I would be stepping into the corporate world. And so this haul was specially focused on "Looking good at Work!" :) Key items needed to be all prep-up for adulthood! haha and I must say its one of my favourite hauls of all time...

So this big box arrived on a saturday morning! Being woken up to a nice big surprise! How awesome is that! EMS is so efficient! My package arrived in just 2 days after it was shipped from Korea.

The box was not completely filled. I wonder why they dont pack the items up neatly into a smaller box...

Its always a joy opening up these mini packages! Its like Christmas all over again...

So here are the stuff i got!!! First and foremost - blouses from one of my favourite shops - Realcoco! The material of the blue top is excellent! Velvety to the touch and easy to match with pants and skirts! The peach top on the other hand was a disappointment as it was rather transparent (i definitely need to wear another layer inside!) and the material was kinda rough :( Love the design nonetheless!

Next up are work bottoms! I once again bought another skirt from 네모 as I was very please with the previous skirts i bought from this seller in my previous haul although the price was slightly on the high end. Actually this wasnt the skirt i bought. Due to my carelessness i selected the wrong design. But it all turned out well as the wrong skirt I bought was just as pretty and i simply adore it :) cant wait to wear it out!

I decided to try this seller 코디양  because of the wide variety and the prices of the work clothes offered was really reasonable. I bought a grey skirt and a dark grey pants (I was in the mood for grey apparently haha). The 2 items turned out surprisingly beyond expectation. Despite the material not being that sturdy, the design and cut was excellent :)

I couldnt resist some dresses as well! I once again bought from 시크라인. This seller have the loveliest work dresses that are affordable and flattering to the body! Even my mum who has expensive taste love the dresses :) She was shocked to hear that at such a reasonable price, I was able to get these decent pieces!

I have always wanted a nice looking cardigan for both casual and work purposes. Not sure which seller to choose from, I decided to try my luck on 베니엔젤 and 프라이데이. The former (the blue cardigan) was definitely the clear winner! Not only was it cheaper but the material was so comfy! The white cardigan wasnt too bad itself - just that the material wasnt the cottony kind and it was a teeny weeny bit transparent. It also looks nothing like the pic on the site.

To complement the outfits, I bought a pair of black court shoes. They fit me perfectly though I am not sure if its that comfortable and wouldnt give me blisters. Hence I decided to get myself some shoe gel and cushion support just to be on the safe side hahah!

No point going to work with nice clothes with my face looking real shitty yea?! So I got myself some skincare products  to ensure my skin gets the best treatment it deserves after long hours in the office :D I decided to try Sulwhahoo brand since it was highly raved about. Got myself some sample sizes to test it out! The bottles are so darn cute - they fit nicely into my palm haha!

I would probably need to eat and drink at work too so I got myself nice handy water bottles from 락앤락 and a ultra convenient lunchbox from 락앤락! I am still gushing over the awesome lunchbox that has 2 separate containers for food, a detachable chopstick and a mini water bottle! And everything fits nicely into this aluminum-lined bag that keep the food warm! I am so in love with this buy! <3

Lastly, I got myself new ear phones! I got to be plugged in to my music while on my way to work aint i?! My old one was falling apart with loose wires hanging out and the rubber crumbling. The one that I got look exactly like my apple one except that the the rubber lining of the wire is of inferior quality (its thinner than the original). But the sound quality is equally good so no complains :)

So thats all for now! Gmarket hauls never fail to put a smile on my face :) Can hardly wait to go to work with my new stuff! woohoo!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gmarket Haul #5

Nothing beats the excitement of receiving a gmarket parcel! :) This time round is a smaller haul compared to my previous ones as I wanted to spend the money I have accumulated in my g-account plus the 50,000 gift cert i won for "Best Blog"! THANK YOU SO MUCH GMARKET :) 

As usual, shopping at gmarket was a pleasant experience! EMS delivery is so efficient - i received my items in 2-3 days after it was shipped out from the warehouse. The funny thing about EMS is that they tend to use huge boxes and the items usually dont fill to the brim.

All the items were nicely packed individually :) Its the first time I didnt make any mistake in my order! Woohooo! So this is what I got:

I ordered name-plate necklaces for my 2 best friends as gifts and was super anxious to see how they turned out! The outcome was beyond beautiful!!! Not only were they nicely cut but the design is gorgeous! The necklaces came in cute tiny boxes and the seller was so generous - he threw in 2 pair of earrings as free gifts! I cant wait to give the necklaces to my besties!

Bought myself a leaf necklace to replace my old one that was tarnished! The necklace is so bling and i am loving it!

Seller: vikishoe
Needed a pair of sandals and chanced upon this unique pair. Sadly when it arrived, It came a tad too big :( but hack I am still wearing it! Its just so difficult to get shoes online because they tend to vary in cut! I am a 235 - 240. So my conclusion that I derived after all the past mistakes I made, is that for covered shoes i should get the bigger size 240 and for sandals I should get the smaller size 235.

Seller: 키니샵
My absolutely favourite piece of the entire spree! This cute cream lace dress is such a doll! *gushes* Cant wait to wear it out!!

Seller:  님프
There is this recent craze in singapore with can-can skirts! So i got myself this peach can-can dress. Save me the time in matching it with a suitable top haha!

Seller: 화이트폭스 (the link no longer works but you can try searching for the seller)
There was this crazy coat and jacket sale and although singapore is terribly warm especially of late where the temperature can reach a whooping 35 degrees, I couldnt resist purchasing these at such a bargain! Love the leopard print lining on the black woolen coat - sort of like a 'wild on the inside' kinda thing :D I got the navy sports jacket coz it has my initial! heheh...

Seller비비드소다 (tshirt) & 예그린 (skirt) 
Lastly got myself a couple of tees and skirts for casual wear! Dont you simply adore the ribbon tee - too cute to resist! Totally recommend the t-shirt seller! This is the 2nd time buying from him and I am always very satisfied with their items.

This is definitely one of my favourite hauls with gmarket! :) Everything is so awesome! I am still drooling over my new items!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

GE 2011: Future of Singapore

With all the buzz about Singapore's General Election 2011, I am tuning in to listen to the different opinions and views from various media platforms since this is my first time voting and i feel a great sense of responsibility on my shoulders! From all the 'news' I have been reading, theres one thing i dont like about politics - its ruthlessness. All the backstabbing, the smearing, the dirty tricks.

Rationally, I do see value in both the PAP's current policies and what the opposition has to offer. It all about striking a balance between both the economic and social issues. PAP represents economic growth and progression while opposition represents closing the social divide. It undeniable that both issues are equally important and interdependent. When a country is economically viable, it would then have the resources and capabilities to assist its people. Conversely, its the people who form the essence of society and only with them working together towards a cohesive and common goal, would there then be economic success.

Why then is there this constant criticism of  each others' ideas. Clearly, both parties have valid and excellent plans. Politics just seem to complicate matters by making this into a distributive situation rather than an integrative one. Rather than fighting each other to win the bigger share of the pie, why not work together to expand the pie. Isnt the ultimate goal to serve Singapore's best interest? Somehow in the midst of this whole political saga, the big picture is somewhat lost. 

I do hope that eventually at the end of the day everything turns out well...

Friday, 29 April 2011

My favourite video on MAKE UP BASICS!

I was simply googling for tips on how to get a flawless complexion and i chanced upon this awesome video! Being a noob in make up, i have been watching quite a number make up video to understand more. However no video so far has impressed me that much as this one! I even had the urge to sign up an account with youtube just so that i could 'like' the video! haha!

The amazing part is that its a guy who is demonstrating! I am so damn impressed! His tutorials provides tips, explain the basics and rationale for the steps which is what a novice in make up really needs to know! =) So heres the video!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gmarket Haul #4

This is my 4th haul from g-market and as usual it was an awesome experience. This time round i had to use EMS delivery service as apparently Gmarket stopped working with DPD. Kind of prefer DPD as they really packed my items in the box really nicely as compared to EMS where my items were simply dumped in. Plus DPD delivery was slightly cheaper but i got admit that EMS is much more efficient. I received my items one week later as compared to DPD that usually took 2 weeks.
Have been eyeing the lovely headbands for quite some time and finally got down to buying them! They turned out exactly as shown on the pictures and the seller even gave 2 hair clips as free gift :)
Needed new shoes and a pair of sandals and saw these on sale! Quality wasnt topnotch but definitely decent but the price i paid! The sandals couldnt fit me though because apparently there is this malfunction in its design and the opening was not big enough for my feet to fit in :( There might be a possibility of salvation if i lengthen the strap using some rubberized material. Shall see what i can do about it.

Seller (Pants): 요즘에 
Got a size too big so i didnt look too good in it. Kind of disappointed because i was looking forward to receiving this the most sigh...

Seller (work top):썬데이베스트
Absolutely gorgeous work blouse! Nice cut and fit! Perfect for work :)

Seller (t-shirt): 나나데이
Looked exactly like what i hoped for. The lace made the top so cute.
Seller: 클리오 
Was so excited upon receiving this! My first time buying from Peripera - have read so much reviews and recommendations on their products and want to try it for myself. The packaging is so freaking pretty!
Couldnt resist trying out some of Etude House's facial care products and cosmetics considering they are so much cheaper than what i can buy here in Singapore. Decided to try Moistful special set that consist of massage mask and jelly moisturizer! Also head the rave reviews on the eye primer too so i just bough it. Seller gave 2 samples of it other products.

Can never resist getting stationery whenever i shop at gmarket! They are far too cute to resist! This time round i got a lion stationery set and stickers! woohoo! Got myself a passport case from the same seller who sells stickers. Love the imprints...

 Seller: e-table
Haha my whole family was so amused when they saw what i got shipped in! Knowing my tendency to love using my laptop on my bed, I decided to buy this portable bed table. The best part is its foldable, has ventilation, portable and sturdy! Yay now i can use my laptop on my bed without my laptop overheating unnecessarily!
 Seller: 코나드
Saw this manicure set and was so amazed by how it works! :) it has a whole wide range of designs and decided to buy it for my friend's birthday present! I am not sure how easy are they able to be applied on though! according to the website, it seems like a piece of cake haha!

So thats all I got! :) A lovely spree except for one item that was sent wrongly and the sandals that didnt fit :( Other than that everything else rock! haha!