Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gmarket Haul #10

Finally managed to find time off work to shop! At my all time favourite online portal :D
Not exactly a huge haul but got me and my family a number of things hehe..

Wanted more casual tops for normal weekends and possibly for work. I ended up buying 3 tshirts, 1 long sleeve tshirt, 1 casual dress and 1 top.. they all turned out more casual than expected due to the material.. so they cant be worn to work! Oh well..  

Seller: 유고걸
Seller: 메이플

 Have been eyeing for a nice pair of denim shorts and managed to find a decent pair without too many scratches and tears.. Apparently have holes in your shorts are the in-thing these days..
I rather not flash my undies thank you very much hahah.. Love this pair of shorts! The colour and cut was perfect!

Seller: 첼로걸
 My family now owns 3 sets of Samsung Galaxy S2! My bro and dad decided to join in the fun after hearing me rave about my awesome phone all the time. They wanted some protective covers so I bought a few.. This seller is awesome.. Not only were the goods lovely, the seller even threw in 4 protective screens as free gifts! :) Happy Happy..

My brother has been hunting high and low for this lunatik ipod nano watch strap for ages at cheaper rate compared to the apple store.. Sure enough Gmarket offers the strap at half the price.. How fantastic is that!

Seller: Lunatik st

My brother wanted a decent backpack.. During our trip to Korea, we couldnt seem to find any cheap deals.. Buying online from Gmarket is apparently still cheaper than a brick and mortar store in Korea.. Got him 2 bags since they were on sale hehe.. The quality turned out pretty decent and my bro was happy with the buys..

Seller: 에이샵A
 Oh!! Thats the lunatik ipod nano watch strap my bro is wearing.. pretty cool eh!!

Couldnt resist not buying some bags for myself too hahah.. Decided upon a clutch and a shoulder carry on.. Oddly when i was browsing through the pictures before buying, I thought the brown shoulder bag was big and the clutch small.. I had a shock when I opened my package.. they were both around the same size! O_O The clutch turned out much bigger and the shoulder bag much smaller than expected! Hahaha! I still like both buys though.. Love the design! Same seller for both the backpacks and the bags by the way..

Seller: 에이샵A
Always like trying new shampoo.. hoping one day I would find one I really like.. Have always been fascinated by the luscious hair that Koreans have hahah so I somehow have the concept that its probably the shampoo they use.. Previously i bought Amore Pacific's Ryeo shampoo! Still using it.. The smell is kinda herb like so not exactly the best smell you would like in a shampoo.. This time round I decided on Kerasys Salon Care! Bought the rinse plus the shampoo set.. It smells so floral and yummy! cant wait to try!

Seller: 애경

 Thats all for Haul#10!! :)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gmarket Haul #9

Its been some time since I last had a Gmarket haul since it was the winter season and I dont exactly need any winter stuff in sunny Singapore! But spring is here and so...


I finally got a new handphone - Samsung Galaxy S2! Have been pondering, researching and seeking opinions on whether i should do a switch from my iphone to the an Android phone. I heard horror stories of people having a tough time getting accustom to something other than the iphone. I am so glad I followed my instincts and couldnt be happier with my new gadget. I must admit the first day was frustrating but once I got used to it the freedom and customization available on my S2 was worth it! And so this haul I was busy shopping for items for my new phone :D


I got 2 covers - one black and one green. And 2 coloured screen protectors - green and blue! i got myself a stylus too! The seller was pretty generous with the free gifts! I got a total of 4 free transparent screen protectors and a cute hello kitty dust plug..

My mum wanted a bag of decent quality for casual purposes and selected one from the list to test buy  if korean goods are indeed much better for the price paid. And sure enough the bag came in decent shape and she was pleased!


I have been looking at the cute notebooks on Gmarket for the longest time and decided to get some. The designs are so lovely and I ended up buying a total of 8 notebooks! They are pretty thin and I am sure I would have some use for them..


The designs are so pretty isnt it! What I found amusing were the words on the cover page.. There were many spelling errors and the quotes made little sense to me hahah!

And so my quest to learn korean begins here! In an attempt to ease the pain whenever I shop on Gmarket and probably allow me to understand Korean dramas without subtitles... I bought 2 language guide books (Part 1 & 2) - "Active Korean" which had pretty good reviews. Have not exactly got down to work but its a start!


What I really like about "Active Korean" would be tons of colourful pictures used to supplement the text. It makes learning so much easier. Furthermore it comes with an audio CD to assist with pronunciation of the words. Sometimes using phonetics in learning isnt enough since every language has its own unique way of pronouncing the alphabets. Hope to find some time to get down to learning soon ;)

Finally, whats shopping at Gmarket without buying any clothes! I always feel I am running out of clothing to wear for work.. 

So i got myself 2 tops that would be simple enough to match with any bottoms..


a work skirt in lime green from Nemo again! Very difficult to match but loving the pleat detail...


a simple dress on sale.. very fitting and the material is thick! Would be even lovelier if I had a flat tummy *sob* work + junk food has finally taken a tow on the bulge monster...


Thats all for my 9th spree! Loving my items... This time round the package was much heavier due to the books so shipping was more expensive than usual..

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gmarket Haul #8

 Christmas is around the corner! My favourite season of the year =D Its a time of pretty lightings , colourful christmas trees and gorgeously wrapped presents! And of course the fun of shopping during this lovely period...
 Bought 3 blouses from the same store! Needed more tops for work.. They were pretty translucent hence the need for a cami/tank/spag to wear inside. Overall quality was average - the chiffon wasnt the smooth silky kind but more of the rough type. But the cut suited me!

My absolute favourite buy of the entire haul! It was also my most expensive buy! This gorgeous wrap skirt... Adore it to bits! Loved the pleating and the way it cut opens when you walk! hahah the material is superb too!

Caught sight of these cute little money purses and decided to buy a few to give as presents! Couldnt resist the butterfly ornament and vibrant colours! They are super handy to keep red packets (for upcoming chinese new year!), store dollar notes & passport for travel purposes!

These pouches are so cute! They come in 3 sizes and various colours! 
Decided to use them as gift bags =D

Dont you simply love the ribbon?! Bought these 2 matching colour items (pencil case and namecard holder)  because of the cute gold ribbon embellishment! The quality of these products were good I must say! Very well manufactured =)

Have been wanting to try Amore's Ryo shampoo for some time! And finally got down to buying it! The package contains a full size bottle and a medium size refill. The shampoo is this grey substance and has a very herbal smell. Need some getting use to. Hope after using it, my hair would be just as luscious as the model's on the packaging! wahah!
 Thats all for Haul #8! Happy Holidays everyone...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gmarket Haul #7

A smaller haul this time round as I was pretty much broke after my grad trip to Europe! Got a few things to satisfy my gmarket urges! hahah

Decided to try out ENAS manicure set. Previously, I tried out Konad and it was extremely difficult getting the stamp art onto the nail. Somehow I had a hard time transferring the paint from the metal plate to the rubber stamp and onto the nail. I am hoping this rubber stamp method would have greater success! Cant wait to try it out :)

 Caught sight of this great face mask deal and decided to give it a shot! For a set of 50, I spend around 12,000 won. This could last me for some time! I have tried out each flavour and my favourite is the Aloe vera! Its really calms my skin! My least favourite of all was the Red Ginseng. The smell of the Red Ginseng was so over powering that I had difficulty breathing throughout the entire process... I would advise against getting this flavour if you are not keen on pungent smells!

I convinced myself that I needed these bags for work, just to make myself feel better! My room is practically flooding with bags.. Its time I stop! Anyway, I realized I have the the tendency of getting brown bags. I wonder why... I am currently using the dark brown one (enlarged picture) for work. It seems small but it can sure store all my junk! The best part is it can be carried as a sling or a shoulder bag! Awesome awesome awesome!

Bought myself a portable battery operated sewing machine.. This would come in super handy when I need to mend certain minor wardrobe malfunctions and alterations. For starters, I need to figure out how to use it hahah...

Have been searching for a knee length denim skirt for quite some time and was ecstatic to find a seller that sells them! They were slightly pricey but still cheaper than what I can find in singapore so no complains :)